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AMA, a conference center that hosts and books conferences throughout the U.S. was in need of an improved website. They wanted a custom website that would properly guide users to the necessary information about their locations in New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Chicago, and ultimately to the booking page. They approached eMagid to see the possible web solutions we could provide.

Services Provided

We created several mock-ups of different web designs that would effectively accomplish what AMA requested. Having user experience in mind, our professional web development team custom developed several dynamic tabs that would help the users navigate to the information about each location such as floor plans, directions, and hotels and the booking section. Using the WordPress platform, we made sure that the site was mobile-friendly and developed the website to comply with the mobile platform so people could book spaces on the go. When the finished product went live, AMA saw a spike in website traffic and booking requests.

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