3 Aesthetic Web Design and UX Ideas 2021

What makes you want to revisit a website? Is it just the content or it is a mix of the right content and the right design? Truth is majority of people will visit a website based on its appearance, that’s why having an aesthetically pleasing website along with modern UX designs will prove to have a higher traffic rate. You want your visitors to look at your website and have a clear idea of what your companies’ purpose is and have a good user experience.

Your website should be eye-catching yet not too overwhelming, simplicity goes along way with user experience. Increase your websites visitor engagement and traffic with these website design and user experience ideas.


Modern & Simple Web Design

Modern designs are extremely aesthetically pleasing to look at and offer a simple user experience. Minimalist designs show off all of the important features of the website without overwhelming the user. Simple designs don’t distract the users from finding the information they need for products, services or booking appointments and more.

Videos and Animations

A great way to attract users to your website is with the use videos, they are captivating and offer a different way to display the products and services that your company offers. Videos as user experience are attention-grabbing and make a great homepage. Animations leave users curious and wanting to learn more about your website.

Attention-Grabbing Titles

Having large titles are captivating and will attract users to continue checking out your website. Bold titles and short messages capture the audience’s attention and more often come with subtitles that are smaller and provide more information.

Having the right user experience and website design is important for driving traffic to your website and every year they are constantly evolving. In 2021 these are the most common trends to guarantee a great website.