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Search Engine Optimization is key for sufficiently driving traffic to a website. As a full-service SEO company in NYC, eMagid takes special care and pays close attention to have a deep understanding of the keywords that are essential to your business and industry. We understand that as far as online marketing goes, SEO is a focal point, and we take every measure to make all our websites SEO friendly and provide the proper online marketing services.


Facebook Ads are a unique type of paid search advertising within the Facebook network. Because they are highly targetable, Facebook Ads can drive qualified traffic for many brands and businesses. eMagid’s marketing team collaborates to offer complete management of your Facebook Ads campaign. With over two billion Facebook users, why would you forgo this excellent digital marketing tactic?


Pay Per Click is an efficient way to structure your paid search advertising to get the best ROI from your budget. As part of our digital marketing solutions, eMagid offers full-service PPC management services to guarantee your success. Alternately, if you feel your Sponsored Advertising is already performing well, we invite you to request a free consultation on how eMagid can help improve your campaign.


Much of modern marketing involves online marketing services, specifically e-commerce marketing. eMagid understands the value of marketing within the e-commerce industry and goes to extra lengths to ensure that your business and website is developed, designed, and properly optimized for online marketing. We provide content marketing services to develop webpages with sufficient and engaging content that allow your business to tackle any e-commerce trends.

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