UI/UX Design

Using modern techniques to create great experiences.


User Interface, or UI, is concerned with how the product works, to make sure material flows logically from step one to step two and so on. A UI designer studies how users think and react to designs and content in order to optimize the functionality of the product, in this case, the website. At eMagid we test many versions of our websites and programs in order to choose the one which allows for the most efficient experience and ultimately drive the most traffic.


User Experience, or UX, involves how the product is laid out and looks visually. A UX designer makes sure that the website content is uniform, appealing to the eye, and easy to digest. At eMagid our web design team works hard to create designs and content that flow naturally. We make sure to have a deep understanding of the product or service and current trends in order to provide the most up to date designs and user experience.

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