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eMagid: An NYC Web Development Company that’s Continuing the Trend of ‘Made in New York’

Preparing for This Upcoming e-commerce Season with Custom e-commerce Solutions

6 Super Valuable Reasons to Use a Digital Marketing Agency

You may be thinking that you want to do your own digital marketing and maybe that’s not a half bad idea. You would need to be well informed and be familiar with a lot of different tools. I’m just going to present a few reasons here why online marketing agencies should not be overlooked.

What Does SEO Stand for? Great Question!

What does SEO stand for? What does SEO mean? Questions I get often when I tell people what my job is. I want to discuss here why what it stands for is so beautifully fitting.

Best Open Sourced Web Building Platforms

There are now many different options to create websites for the layman. Web development companies are put in a bit of a bind because of this. Self starting simple to use websites.

Why Get Web Design in NYC?

While being into the year already it’s good to note where in time we are. This is because trends change as often as squirrels twitch. So understanding what we are up to helps you stay up to date. I have spent many hours doing much research. Every one of the top websites in the world has a few things in common. Along with a few commonalities, there are some differences in trends.

WordPress Sites Capabilities

WordPress is like many valuable things today that are shockingly cheap. It was published in 2003 and was made available for all to use. WordPress is an open source website building module that provides a content management system (CMS).

The Importance of Website Branding

When we hear the word website branding we generally think of a logo. But there is a lot more that goes into a brand than just the logo. Although the logo is very important, it’s just not everything.

The Value of Web Design

Web design comes from the same recognition we all have when we see an actual store. We are more inclined in general to walk into a store that looks beautiful. We are most interested in interacting with a store that looks up to date and modern.

Website Design Cliff Young Project

Cliff Young LTD, a contemporary furniture company, almost 50 years old requested eMagid for a redesign of their website. They wanted to reinvent their online presence and explore digital outlets for marketing.

e-commerce Website Launch Checklists – Part 1: SEO Checklist

Creating and executing a website launch checklist is a key step in ensuring the success of your e-commerce website, whether you are introducing a re-design or a completely new website. Before going live with any project at eMagid, we perform a thorough QA process guided by our website launch checklists and recommend you do the same, regardless of website size.

The challenges of launching a new website

website Launching a new website for you small business or your startup can be very challenging , how do you know what’s right, what looks good and what will make the most impact on your potential users?