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Custom, open source & SEO-friendly web development for projects of any size, never outsourced

What is eMagid?

eMagid is an NYC web development company that also specializes in web design, app development, app design, digital marketing, SEO, social media, branding, and much more! To understand more of how we can help you, visit our Services page!

Customer Solutions

eMagid is not your average web development company and marketing agency. We pride ourselves on taking your sprouting concept, however complex, and working with you side by side to fully grow and develop the project. Our team takes personal care into each assignment and sees each through to its completion. To understand more about our process, scroll down below and view Our Process!

In-House Work. Never Outsourced

One of the unique features about eMagid is that all our work is always done in-house, never outsourced. We believe our company should be a one-stop-shop for all your development and branding needs. In order to properly do so, all members of the team have to be on the same page; that requires our employees to bein meetings together and work together in the same location. To learn more about our amazingly talented team, visit our Meet The Team section! 

Over 20 years of Experience

eMagid has been for many years. With over 20 years of experience under our belts, our team has a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the web development and marketing field and their various trends. Using our assets we’ve accumulated over the years, no job is too big or complex for us to handle! Get in contact with our amazing staff to start your next project!

Our Process


Before we even meet with our client, our whole team engages in extensive research on the customer and creates a client profile. This profile outlines identifying the client’s field and industry, understanding trends within those areas, and viewing their current website.

Meet with Clients


Once we developed a profile on the client, our team meets with them to deliberate a game plan in the most convenient format for the customer.

Be it a traditional phone call, Skype, WhatsApp, Hangouts, or even a face to face lunch meeting, we will accommodate for whichever way works best for the client.

Design Mock-Up

After discussing the client’s ideas and the general understanding we gained from our own research, our team is ready to start developing a mock-up.

We have several back-and-forths with the client, to understand exactly how they want the content laid out and for us to explain the UI/UX flow of the website or application.

Dev Site

When the project is given the green light, our skilled and knowledgeable staff uses the most up to date programming software and concepts to develop and design the project. We provide in-house front and backend development to ensure everyone is on the same page when working on the project.

We make sure to keep the client well informed of our progress and confer with them if there are any issues. Additionally, we create an admin system for the client so that they can add or take away content at their leisure to enhance the material as they see fit.


After the website is complete, we give the client a test demo of the project so they can see and understand it first hand. If they find bugs or areas they do not like, we go back to the code and work out any problems.

Go Live

Assuming there are no further issues, we give the project the green light and it goes live for people to visit and interact with,


At this point, our marketing team is ready to take the wheel and make the website stand out on the results pages. We provide full SEO support for all pages on the website to ensure that search engines will pick up on your website and boost it to the top.

We do not only deal with SEO, but we also offer full social media management, along with social media ads, in addition to Google Adwords, to ensure that your project will stand out from the rest.

Additional Support

Even though the main project is over, we are still not finished. We provide additional support for bugs or other issues that arise, no matter how long ago the project was developed.


Still interested in working with eMagid? Contact us and let’s discuss your next project.

Still interested in working with eMagid?

Contact us and let’s discuss your next project.