3 Web Design Trends Making an Appearance in 2021

2020 was a difficult year for everyone, awkward zoom meetings, imminent anxiety, and tons of hand sanitizer have left us all feeling abraded. However, with the new year, we want to move forward and make it better, and brighter than ever with these 3 web design trends. 

If you don’t know by now, web design trends are constantly changing and evolving, After much research and development, we have found that these 3 trends will be very popular in 2021. 


  • Dark Mode


For some time now the dark mode has been trending on social media and has become an iPhone feature, where the design originated is quite unknown, whether it was Apple that created it or good and other speculations. What we do know is that the dark background is for comfort and it’s less damaging to the eyes. We have seen this trend popular in coding and you can choose when to turn on dark mode or turn it off. 


  • Retro Fonts


One big trend we have been seeing is vintage and retro designs, they are able to make the images and text on a screen look aesthetically pleasing. Web designs are all about visuality, and simple is usually better. Even mixing vintage fonts and colors with modern imagery will create a trendy look.


  • 3D Images


Rotating or static 3D images are a great way to impress the audience, the 3D graphics will be making a huge appearance in 2021. These types of visuals encourage customers to stay on the website longer 

Web design trends are constantly changing and evolving, occasionally old trends tend to make a reappearance and become more popular.

eMagid is always on top of all the new trends and are always looking for new ways to impress customers.