5 SEO Tools to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

Having the right SEO tools is all about the quality and quantity of traffic coming to your website or web page from search engines. When searching up a keyword that is linked to your website, you want your particular website to come up first. However, the Google algorithm put the websites that attract the most traffic to their sites onto the first page of the search.

Most people when searching for something often only look at the first page results, so what do you do if your website is on the 10th page?

In this blog, we will discuss the top 5 SEO tools that will help your website get onto the first page of search.


In order to gain more traffic to your website and as a result, get your website to the top google search pages. SEMrush is an SEO tool that allows you to analyze the competition and has a keyword search engine. SEMrush tracks the keywords used by competing websites/ companies and runs an SEO audit to create a strategy to take on the competition.

SEOPressor Connect

These SEO tools work a bit differently, it permits you to analyze your overall SEO condition, and gives you automated suggestions on how to fix and improve your strategy. It is easy to use and controls all of your site’s SEO data in one place.

Screaming Frog

With Screaming Frog SEO Spider, you are free to analyze and audit your website’s SEO tools. Screaming Frog has audit meta robots and directives that allow you to audit all URLs that are blocked by commands, they also return directives. Opaque offers a technical SEO audit that identifies the places where you can make changes to better improve SEO results.


Google has the keyword planner, where you can search for the most popular keywords that get the most traffic. This is a useful feature to drive your SEO plan, by searching keywords and analyzing the forecast based on your budget and the average budget will help you create a more effective SEO strategy.  Another benefit is that you are able to see how frequently keywords are used in your particular industry and use that for ad campaigns.


Ahrefs is an all-in-one toolset that grants you the ability to optimize your website by checking it for pre-designed SEO issues, exploring your data, and tracking progress. With the organic keywords feature, you are able to see the organic traffic coming to your site.

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