Design Software

Design Software


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Photoshop is the backbone of the Adobe Suite. While it contains the most basic digital editing functions, the possibilities are far from basic. Using the program you can resize images and adjust the lighting and color of photos. It also enables you to complete more complicated tasks such as combining and blending two or more images together and adding items to photos that originally were not present.



Adobe illustrator logo

Illustrator is the next important graphic creating/editing software we use. The program is based on vector images, which in essence means that when you resize an image the lines stay crisp and clean. Because of the image clarity that Illustrator provides, we primarily utilize it for logo designing and other graphics related needs required for websites.

Design Software enables people to create any digital image they want. Because of the simplicity of the programs, anyone can make stunning and complex graphics with ease. The two programs which are primarily used to generate our digital images are Photoshop and Illustrator.

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