eMagid: An NYC Web Development Company that’s Continuing the Trend of ‘Made in New York’

New York City is the Heart of Innovation

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Over the past few centuries, one of the little islands off the Atlantic Ocean has developed into one of the largest and most well-known hubs for culture, entertainment, history, and technological advancement in the world.

Cultural wonders like the Broadway theater and the Times Square commercial center bring hundreds upon thousands of people from all over the world to view and bask in its glory. Economic staples like the Wall Street Stock Exchange and the various ports and piers along the Hudson River have brought financial success to the city for hundreds of years. Technological marvels such as the massive steel edifice, the Empire State Building and the impressive suspension bridge, the Brooklyn Bridge, have marked New York City as the place to be when it comes to innovation.

Made in NY Culture

Aside from the massively-famous physical staples that New York has to offer, there are also globally recognized brands that have their corporate offices here as well. Because this is the heart of where culture and innovation intersect, the slogan “Made in NY” was created to embody that idea. The logo is primarily used on products that are manufactured in New York, but it can also extend to brands and business ideas that are developed in NYC.

web development company NYC

Since the inception of the slogan, New York-born businesses have developed a pseudo-culture around this idea. There is a general sense of pride among companies that originated in New York that ‘we have built this company in the heart of innovation and growth’; the employees begin to adopt this mentality that not only are we made in New York, but we are New York.

eMagid – Web Development Company in NYC

Over twenty years ago, an idea for a web development company popped up. Believing in the idea of Made in New York, we rented some office space in Manhattan and let the legendary power of the city take hold of us. Present day, eMagid is a thriving web development company in NYC thanks to the community and the general mindset.

One major pillar of our web development company that ties into the Made in New York idea is that we never outsource our work. Everything is authentically Made in NY. We all collaborate and work as a team onsite to deliver the highest quality product and service to our clients.

Throughout the years, we have had the chance to learn and grow from and with the New York community. NYC has let us sink our roots and tap into all that makes this city so amazing—its wealth of opportunities.

web development company NYC

A Quality Experience Tailored For You

Since eMagid has been around for so many years and is located perfectly in the central location of New York, we’ve had the opportunity to work with dozens of amazing clients. Through that, our team has had the chance to refine and perfect our web development skills, as well as our customer service skills. If you don’t believe me, then check out our website at https://emagid.com to learn more. Our work speaks for itself!