How to Build a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 4 Easy Steps

With 1.2 million social media users, it’s important to start integrating social media into your marketing strategy. Not only will it help drive more traffic to your business, but it will also help to reach wider audiences. Although social media is very competitive it’s also a great platform to for potential customers to view your business as credible and trustworthy.

In the last couple of years business growth through social media has prompted business to use Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, etc, which allow any size business to use for marketing purposes. Social media helps to grow brand awareness as well as an easy tool for promoting your products and services. Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of social media marketing let’s get into how you can create a marketing strategy that incorporates social media.

1. Set goals

The first step to integrating social media into your marketing strategy is to set goals that your business wants to achieve. This can include:

  • Generating leads
  • Increasing sales
  • Growing business awareness
  • Driving traffic to your site
  • Boosting engagement with customers

These are only a few examples of business goals, however knowing your goal is the most important step to creating your marketing strategy, it is the bases for the next couple of steps.

2. Figure out your target audience

Knowing your target audience will help to create content specifically for them. You can figure this with research into similar companies as well as using different platforms to do so. Most social media platforms have an analytics tool that will help narrow down the demographic. Using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and more will help you find the right audience for your business.

3. Create content and engagement on social media

Now that you know your target audience you can create content that will appeal to them. Optimizing stories and live videos will help to create that viewer-business engagement. This will prompt potential customers to check out your posts on the daily for new content. When creating content for your business you want to be relatable and show off that you’re not just there to convince them to buy or products and services but to actually engage. Responding to comments and questions is a great way of doing this.

4. Optimize Ads and evaluate what is working in your marketing strategy and what isn’t

Facebook Ads Manager and Instagram Business allow you to boost your posts and create ads for your audience. These ads can include new deals and promotions, contests and upcoming events. Optimizing these platforms will help your business reach more viewers and drive more traffic to your website.

Lastly is to evaluate what is and isn’t working, your marketing strategy won’t be perfect at first, it’s trial and error to see what type of content is attracting more viewers and what viewers what to see more of as well as what they don’t. This will only help improve your business strategy, at eMagid we make sure to incorporate all of these steps to create the best possible social media marketing strategy for our clients.