Key Strategies For Effective B2B Marketing

What is B2B Marketing?

It is the selling of products and services to other companies that resell them and promote them, in other words, business-to-business marketing. This marketing approach is focused on creating relevant content to captivate target audiences like business executives or anyone who makes purchasing decisions on behalf of a business.

When developing an effective B2B marketing strategy, you must know your target audience, research and identify key customer personas, and set goals for your marketing strategy. Knowing your target audience is one of the more important aspects of B2B marketing, once you have researched and understood your audience you can develop advertisements, and valuable content specifically for them.

3 Strategies for B2B Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and reliable forms of marketing, 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. Optimizing email marketing allows businesses to directly contact and engage with customers and other businesses. Sharing content, newsletters, and other critical information is the best way to keep business customers informed.

Adding a call-to-action button to your emails is a convenient and effective tool for helping customers find resources and information that may not fit into the email. An email with the right amount of information without being overwhelming will encourage viewers to click for more information.

B2B Advertising

Running paid advertisements and campaigns is a great way to reach more audiences and get your content out there. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising uses search engines to advertise your content like blogs, information on products, and social media content to target larger audiences.

Paid advertisements if approached the right way will result in a positive return on investment (ROI). Facebook and Google ads are great platforms for B2B advertising, they include information like CTR (click-through rate), CPC (cost-per-click), CPA (cost-per-action), and ROI. Using this information, you can calculate the success of your ads. One B2B advertising strategy to consider is video ads, they are engaging and can be advertised on most social media platforms.

Content Marketing

B2B marketing is all about creating content for your target audience, when thinking of content, we are often drawn to social media and blog posts. Both are highly effective and have proven to show great results for positive ROI. Good content marketing values educating, informing consumers of the products and services you offer. “Content marketing is most effective when you align your content to various stages of the buyer’s journey”.

What makes blogs so great is that they are easily accessible on websites and can be shared through social media and emails. Blog posts can drive organic traffic and help your business rank higher on search engines. Social media marketing is a great tool for building brand awareness and an online personality that humanizes your business.


To conclude, B2B marketing can be highly effective with a carefully curated strategy. By strategically targeting individuals that make purchasing decisions for their organizations and businesses, you can drive customers to your business, boost sales and improve brand awareness.

Understanding the buyer’s journey will help you create content and ads to successfully target those individuals. At eMagid, we work with businesses to create a B2B marketing strategy that will benefit their business and customers. To speak to a professional about your business’s B2B, SEO, or social media marketing goals click here.