MouthGuard Club

Protect with Style


We created a design tool that allows the personalization of dental mouth guards, the system is incorporated into an interactive kiosk which is powered by a custom CRM , the leads of each customer are captured and the order are processed using an API to an order management system, The main goal of the UI/UX is to schedule the customer for a scan and the ability to customize your own mouth guard piece.

Services Provided

The challenge for this project, we started with a UI/UX development which includes the following views: main landing page leading with CTA to the designer portal. The design portal is an interactive landing page who allows the user to create a custom Mouth Guard with a custom logo and a custom text. Once the user completed the customization part, they will print it to filling the information to schedule a scan for their mouths. The system allows up to complete the payment, track order and save prior designs for the future.

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