The Luggage Collection

Best selection of Luxury Luggage and Travel Accessories

Taking Off into Online Luxury Retail

Luxury luggage & travel accessories retailer The Luggage Collection partnered with eMagid to launch their first e-Commerce web property. With 30+ years experience in offline retail, The Luggage Collection is highly esteemed for their deep commitment to customer service. These values rooted in tradition needed to be supported, even as The Luggage Collection introduced a digital shopping experience to a new online customer base.

Packed (with Features) and Ready to Go

An optimal customer experience begins with superior product management and building a custom website on eMagid’s e-Commerce platform allows for the necessary flexibility and specialization. Collaboration between our design and marketing teams ensured that branding, web design and content development delivered a unified message and seamless navigation to website visitors. Online sales channel strategy and management delivered to The Luggage Collection the final component in an end-to-end e-Commerce package.

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