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SEO & Marketing

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Services and full strategic online marketing plans to meet your goals using SEO, SEM, social media, PR, and more

eMagid is the leading online SEO companies in NYC, we offer an in person consultation and full research deck during the onboarding process of a new client. We belive in educating our client and helping them understand SEO in effort to get the best results.


eMagid search engine optimization clients find their website on the first results page of search engines for the keywords that matter the most to their businesses. Using SEO, we achieve this competitive placement to drive traffic and engagement to your website. This includes an increased share of traffic from organic search results, resulting in better qualified visitors to your site and better conversion rates on business goals.


PPC management services structure your paid search advertising campaigns to get the best ROI from your budget. Many novice paid search advertisers are satisfied with their own initial efforts because of PPC marketing's ability to result in first page exposure (in the sponsored advertisements) on Google, Yahoo and Bing. The resulting immediate increase in traffic to an advertiser's website is a great indicator of Pay Per Click marketing's effectiveness, however it takes time and experience to make sure that the best results are achieved from your advertising spending. Whether you simply don't have the time or staff, or don't feel that you have the knowledge to optimize your PPC campaign, eMagid offers full-service Pay Per Click management services to guarantee your success. Alternately, if you feel your Sponsored Advertising is already performing well, we invite you to request a free consultation on how eMagid can help improve your campaign.


Facebook Ads are a unique type of paid search advertising within the Facebook network. Because they are highly targetable, Facebook Ads can produce qualified traffic for many brands and businesses. eMagid's PPC and social media teams collaborate to offer complete management of your Facebook Ads campaign.

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