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Web Development Software


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HTML5 is the newest version of the website development software, HTML. It is the primary software used to create the basic website layout. The program enables you to create the standard website functions like a header, h1/2/3 tags, navigation menu, body text, images, and the all useful forms. HTML5 is the backbone programming language for any website and without it you probably wouldn’t have a functioning website.  


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After HTML and CSS, jQuery is the next important program we use. To make a very long explanation short and simple: jQuery allows for developers to use JavaScript in websites, which gives coders the ability to manipulate items on a webpage. Various functions that one can utilize with jQuery involve website animations, dynamic content and much more!


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CSS3, or Cascading Style Sheets, is the next important programming language. Its function is to take what is in the HTML5 code and provide more functionality and a more appealing layout. Some examples of how CSS3 can improve your website include layout design, different colors and fonts for text, text color change and items appear/disappear when the mouse hovers over, and much, much more!


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Granted WordPress is not a developing tool, it provides a server for us to upload our code to develop and publish our websites. WordPress enables a large selection of functions for us to utilize in order to make the user experience that much better. Even though the functions can be coded, the format which the server presents them in makes implementation much easier. A good analogy to think of is that WordPress is the skeleton and the various coding programs are the skin and organs. Together, they create a unified system.

What would a professional company that creates websites be without web development? Through the various languages of code and development programs out there, we are able to create any website design a client requests and develop any idea that comes our way. Each program provides a different function and specific solution.

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