What You Need to Know About Link Building in 2021

Did you know what one of the biggest factors for ranking well on Google and improving SEO is link building. According to Search Engine Land, “Links are one of the top two criteria considered in Google’s page ranking algorithm”. Link building is the process of promoting your website using a hyperlink on other websites. A Website that has multiple backlinks to their site is more visible on search engines and a great way to get referral traffic.

Why link building is important

The more backlinks your website has, the more you will show up on relevant searches on search engines. Not only does this improve SEO, but your site is also viewed as more credible to audiences and customers. Another great benefit of link building is the relationships you make with other sites. These are mutually beneficial relationships, where you share content and links with other in your industry and they share theirs’s with you. This is a great way to turn one link into multiple links over time. You can’t create meaningful links without creating a relationships first.

Link Building Strategies

Finding high-quality links

In order to rank higher on Google, you need to link your site to websites that are going to help promote your brand. In other words, sites that are relevant to your brand and are authentic. Some great examples of high-quality links are news websites and blogs. These are clickable and often easy to find. Finding high-quality links take time and a lot of research, you may only find a few that are truly useful. Even if you create a couple of links, your SEO and Google presence will improve a landslide.

How to promote your website with links

Linking your site to various relevant content is a game changer. Finding a blog that is similar to your brand or audience is an example of good and relevant content. If your website also has a similar blog, it opens the door to sharing information and creating those meaningful links. Directly emailing and contacting the writer of a blog or owner of a website is the best way to get your link up.

Once you’ve found a credible and authentic site that you want to link your site too, you can send them an email explaining what link (post) you are sharing with them, a brief sentence describing the post and how linking your site to theirs can benefit them.

Link building tools