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SHRM, the Society for Human Resource Managment, is a prominent national organization where HR practitioners come together to discuss important industry topics, have informational seminars and workshops. The Long Island branch of SHRM came to eMagid looking to revamp their website to make the website’s layout and design more user-friendly.  

Services Provided

After discussing the requirements for what the SHRM Long Island branch needed, eMagid custom developed a new website, complete with renovated layout, design, and content. Using the capabilities of our talented team and the WordPress platform, the website was created complete with information about the company, the branch, workshops, and conferences. One of the specific aspects SHRM requested was to include a register section, where users can create an account to receive membership to the organization and upload useful information like a resume and other professional information. We created a dynamic field, with user experience in mind, to accompany these requests and make them as easily navigatable as possible.

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