Web Design Trends That Are Dominating in 2021

Website design is an ongoing industry that continuously changes with the times. Much like technology, design elements and features are always adapting to the latest trends and innovations. Websites that do not keep up with trends tend to be less effective and outdated. First impressions go a long way with web design, you’ll want visitors to stay engaged and have a good experience on your site.

Because trends are constantly changing, our skilled team of web designers are always up to date with all the newest design and development trends. In this blog, we will share the 2 biggest trends that dominating in 2021 and are revolutionizing the future of web design.

Voice-User Interface

In today’s technological world, users are constantly impressed with unique user interface designs. This technology allows users to interact with computers, mobile devices, and other technologies. Voice-user interface (VUI) enables users to interact using voice commands through speech recognition software. So, how is this approach improving the user experience?

When we think of VUI, Siri and Alexa are a few examples that come to mind. They are used for voice-activated commands, searches, and assistance all handsfree. Technology like this is changing the game for website design.

Virtual Reality

If you want a design that is interactive and offers a unique experience, then you may want to invest in virtual reality. Virtual reality (VR) was introduced to users in 2016, since then the market has grown to 2.9 billion dollars and is expected to continue growing. This technology is incredible because of the endless opportunities it offers. Companies like Little Workshop have already adapted VR into their website design like WebVR Showroom.

Incorporating virtual reality in your website design allows users to create their own 3D experiences. This gives users an experience like no other and can truly change the way industries display their brands.

Final words

Designing and developing a website takes tremendous skill and knowledge. In order to stand out and you also need to have an understanding of the audience and modern technologies. For a website to succeed, users should have a good experience. The trends discussed above have proven to provide such an experience while generating more sales and visitors. Voice-User Interface and Virtual Reality are attention-grabbing designs that will make your brand get an edge over the competition. Click here for more web design and UX Ideas to improve your brand in 2021.