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May 2016
SEO & Marketing

e-Commerce Website Launch Checklists - Part 1: SEO Checklist

Creating and executing a website launch checklist is a key step in ensuring the success of your e-commerce website, whether you are introducing a re-design or a completely new website. Before going live with any project at eMagid, we perform a thorough QA process guided by our website launch checklists and recommend you do the same, regardless of website size.
You can divide your list into 3 categories:
1.     SEO 
2.     Design
3.     Functionality

Each category is crucial to your success in e-commerce. Today, in Part 1, we will start with SEO. Planning for SEO well in advance of your launch date will help you meet anticipated project timelines. Strategic decisions made to support SEO often impact website design and functionality and should ideally be considered while design and development are still in process.
Even if you don't plan on executing a full SEO campaign post-launch, you can help your website perform well in SERP rankings through an initial onsite optimization. This setup includes keyword selection, meta data (page titles and descriptions), h tags and alt text on images. Local businesses should also use micro formats to define their location and confirm their business with Google My Business.

You'll also want to run a check for existing issues like broken links, 310 errors, etc. Many SEO tools have free trials that you can use to crawl your website and find these problems. Popular tools include, SEOMoz, and Raven Tools.

Finally, when you are ready to go live, you can use A/B testing and post marketing tools to capture user behavior on your site which will help you understand and improve the site after you launch it. 

February 2016
Web Development

The challenges of launching a new website

Launching a new website for you small business or your startup can be very challenging , how do you know what's right, what looks good and what will make the most impact on your potential users?

Every process of designing and developing a new site requires some research , understanding your users will help you decide which content strategy to go with and visuals, user demographics analysis tools are widely available online, once you nailed the demographics, the immediate focus should then turn into creating a quality UI/UX that will have a direct impact on your website conversions, weather its an online e-commerce website or just a lead generation landing page, converting well is what makes or breaks the success of a website.

The last part and probably the most important step is the QA process, start by listing every page on the site and state the goals of that page i.e. content, form... test each page and make sure to do cross browsing tests as well, in today's world you will need to try a few other mobile devices as well and make sure your site is full responsive. Create an SEO checklist before going live, execute and you are ready... oh yeah, share with friends and family first, they will give you the most honest feedback in a friendly way... Good luck.