May 2018

6 Super Valuable Reasons to Use a Digital Marketing Agency

You may be thinking that you want to do your own digital marketing and maybe that’s not a half bad idea. You would need to be well informed and be familiar with a lot of different tools. I’m just going to present a few reasons here why online marketing agencies should not be overlooked.

1. Digital marketing agencies have responsibilities

Study the agency you are going to hire. Watch what they do and how they do it. Insight in how to connect and create an online presence can be an entire businesses platform. When you do marketing for yourself and aren’t so well informed, you will almost necessarily; waste time and money, slow your own growth and hinder your businesses expansion.

Hiring a marketing agency makes them responsible for you getting clients. If you aren’t getting clients that’s on them. They now need to justify the money they are taking. When you are alone it’s all up to you.

2. Digital Advertising Trends

Because this is a relatively new field that is almost by definition in constant flux the trends are always changing. Keeping up with relevant changes in the marketing industry means continuously searching for themes. This can be super time-consuming. An agency works with the digital marketing trends all day, that’s literally their business model, being fluent in marketing trends.

3. Online marketing services

With any digital marketing, there are always a few things you can do after a 4 minute youtube video. However often a lot of the difference makers can come on the back end. Most marketing agencies do website development. With this advantage, you can keep your website constantly updating not just an online presence but actual functionality. And many online marketing firms do a lot more than just web development, they do website branding, and website design, SEO (search engine optimization), logo creation. You have professional access to a lot more tools this way.

4. Time-tested theories

You may think one thing about what is involved with creating an online presence. However, a digital marketing agency will have proven theories about growing an online business. If you go to a relatively successful marketing agency they have secrets and understand processes about this you won’t know until you fail.

5. You’ll actually save money

While you need to spend money on an online marketing business, they will grow your business quicker than you can on your own. That being the case the investment will save you money faster. Growing capital fast is generally beneficial for businesses.

6. Outside creative perspective

While you may have great ideas, you may also not have great ideas. Having a professional team that understands the online market you are trying to break into will ensure the direction you want to go in is consistent with the market. More than that it will give you someone who can give constructive criticism. That is incredibly valuable because they will speak from experience.

In summation, yes, there is an investment to hire an online marketing agency, but it should actually save you money. Give us a call at eMagid, we give free consultation!

May 2018

What Does SEO Stand for? Great Question!

What does SEO stand for? What does SEO mean? Questions I get often when I tell people what my job is. I want to discuss here why what it stands for is so beautifully fitting.

Search Engine Optimization

In essence, it’s rather simple. It’s an aggressive battle for digital real estate. Google is a place really. People go there and interact with it spatially.

So you have a new business or even an old one. And you want to make your product available to the widest interested audience possible. As in SEO always works with the premise that someone is already looking for something like your product. Which works because then it’s just a matter of beating out other competitors on the list.

We are already dealing with an interested audience. What you want to do now is position your website in a space where the broadest amount of people are drawn to visit your site.

To Understand SEO You Need to Understand Google

Not just Google of course, really search engines on a whole. Search engines are trying to bring information as effectively and efficiently as possible into your hands. They try to chase human intuition and model their product almost entirely based on human response.

Google is trying to fuse with human thinking. The most optimal hypothetical product for Google would be that you think of something and what you want to know is inserted into your brain, with mere thought provocation! As relevant data as available to what people are searching for.

That sounds kind of creepy, but I think the point is clear. So Google is chasing human behavior and you are chasing Google behavior. The cycle everyone who works with SEO is familiar with.

The Place to Start is Keyword Research

You can literally create businesses just based on keyword research. Keyword research is identifying what terms and words people are searching for. So you find terms which are of a reasonable volume - which will depend on the size of your business - and the competition that surrounds that word. Just like in real real estate everybody knows location is everything. So you want a block that is well traveled but slightly underdeveloped.

You are connecting people searching for your product to you. Once you see your terms and translate your website into easily understood phrases for Google you can expand.

The more keyword research you do the broader you can see an audience for your product. Often times just using a synonym will provide you with a new set of people to target. Be extensive spend the time, the results will pay off.

SEO Website Design

After you have identified the terms you would like to rank for it should influence your entire site design. Given the keywords, you are given indicators as to what the audience is looking for. Always you want to respond to what the market is looking for. You should create content with the keywords you want to target in mind.

Google Is Heavily Influenced By Feedback Mechanisms

Google is always seeing how people react to your content to rank whether the information is relevant to their query. A big determining factor search engines use is called bounce rate. So your bounce rate is statistic made from a pattern of people clicking on to your site and then immediately clicking back out of it. Google sees that as being a sign of an inaccurate relation from the query to the content. You will get penalized for this!


Meta Data

Search engine use indicators on sites to glean necessary information to classify your content. So I’m not going to get into the details here, but a lot of what people see on Google results is called meta data. Meta titles, and meta descriptions.

SEO Marketing Services

What I find really fascinating about this term ‘search engine optimization’ is that you are actually providing optimization of Google. This is funny because people usually think of search engine optimization in terms of their website. And understandably because that is what you affect and modify. But you are actually making the search engine more optimal. Of course, the only way to make the search engine more optimal is by making your own site more optimal. So it necessitates a win-win.

When all websites become totally aligned Google’s protocols Google will be the one to benefit most. The entire search engine will be bringing more relevant information closer to users while making it more intuitive and closer to a human language.

In summary, SEO is your introduction to creating a presence on the internet. It gathers a rough category of who your website is catering for, and then brings them to you.


May 2018

Why Get Web Design in NYC?

While being into the year already it’s good to note where in time we are. This is because trends change as often as squirrels twitch. So understanding what we are up to helps you stay up to date. I have spent many hours doing much research. Every one of the top websites in the world has a few things in common. Along with a few commonalities, there are some differences in trends.

The Value of Beauty

One could make a good argument as to why beauty is the most important trait there is. It shapes much of our attention, focus, interests, and activities as a whole. I believe that even in conversations who we are more likely to is based on beauty. It’s definitely what catches the eye. And what is it that draws us in?

There is something about beauty that speaks of symmetry and order in the world. Something has managed to produce extreme order and consistency amongst the chaos of life. So we follow it. We innately assume that something with such an exterior has congruent backend genetics. And how could we not, with something that speaks to us in a language so strongly sensed. Beauty shapes our lives. Web design addresses this exact sensitivity engendered in the human condition.

Web Design Based Off the Human Condition

It takes our drive to engage with the world around us, and coat whatever product within it. Beautiful web design fuses the functionality of website development and the human sensitivity to beauty. Now as humans change their desire changes and with it, what they find beautiful. This explains why trends in web design and really in fashion on a whole change. Out with the old in with the new. In the same way humankind develops and leaves behind dead skin.

There are a few trends I have tracked from looking at some of the best websites around. One, they all are gorgeous, with a clean layout. They all are simple to navigate. And all of their pictures are truly beautiful. That has been totally consistent throughout.

Different Avenues of Web Design

Now we get subdivided I think between a few different areas of web design. There is something called the minimalist approach.

This approach is pretty much exactly as it sounds. Focus on what is absolutely necessary and leave all the periphery content out. There are many examples of that now, amongst a lot of the top websites in the world. I think the main split is between the minimalistic approach and the high volume imagery and video.

On the other side, there are websites that demand your entire attention. They are just stunning. Upon arrival, you just enter into a world of its own. It’s remarkable. Personally, I think I’m a bigger fan of highly rich content. But that is really just a preference and a matter of what the website is trying to achieve.

See Websites as a Store Front

I believe the perspective one must entertain to have a successful website is seeing it as a physical space. When you have visitors it’s like people just came into your store. You don’t want it to look old, dusty, out of style.

Nobody sticks around in stores like that. More than that the store needs to be able to be found. If your site is in the middle of nowhere you won’t get traffic. SEO (search engine optimization) is absolutely vital for digital real estate.

Design your website to have an inviting, warm, and welcome environment. This draws the numbers and produces the crowds. Make visitors identify with what you offer through, beautiful web design.

Web Design NYC

On top of it all, when it comes to actually planning content and the design of a website it’s important to have communication with your designers. You may think well the entire process happens digitally so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are in relation to your designers. And to some extent that’s true, but face to face contact is qualitatively different than emails. When you can walk into the office and go over your beautiful web design in person it changes the whole process.

This is why web design NYC would be something to search for. Because working locally means you can create a relationship, not just a website. When you have a relationship your website is cared about. And when your designers care about your website as much as you do, it’s an absolute pleasure to go to work in the morning.


May 2018

Best Open Sourced Web Building Platforms

There are now many different options to create websites for the layman. Web development companies are put in a bit of a bind because of this. Self starting simple to use websites. Open source web building platforms have changed how people relate to an online presence, along with managing the digital elements of a company.

Not all of these sites though can build a website from the bottom up. Using these open ended website builders does enable you to do many things, however there is so much more that can be done with them.

Open Source Web Builder Communities

There are communities surrounding all these different sites to ask questions and offer solutions. We have years of experience with all these websites. eMagid has created hundreds of beautiful web designs with all of these templates.

WordPress is of the number one open sourced website builder that comes to mind. It has a wide range of capabilities, but also has the greatest spectrum of potential. While you could use WordPress site building just to make a basic website. You could use that same platform to build a beautifully complex digital space.

Squarespace is a perfect example of an open source web development site. They have a pretty although small set of templates to begin building a website with. All you have to do after that is insert content relevant to your site. Shopify as well, a beautiful template to create an ecommerce website. It was made specifically for this, so it was made particularly suitable for it.

Wix is a site that seems to be made particularly for sites to broadcast brands that surround people. They as well provide excellent web development templates. We have used all of these templates for years and know how utilize every tool available at hand.

CMS Templates

All of these website platforms are called CMS websites. CMS stands for content management system and all your content is very easy to edit. So we can set the whole thing up for you, and then you can take the reins from there. Or just send us what content you want and where you want it. It will be up there as requested.

Now you may be asking ‘why don’t I just do it?’ And fair enough, it’s a good question, but since they are open sourced web development platforms, the options you can utilize them for are innumerable. So unless you are looking for really simple basic functions you may want a professional working on it.

Web Branding Development

Not to mention the added benefit of having a professional branding team to consult with. Even if you have a logo there is as many factors to a wholesome brand as there is to a wholesome person. All parts must be congruent and sending off the same message. Unless your brand is aiming for inconsistency which I can’t imagine why it would but it could be I guess.

We Would Love to Hear From You

Truthfully these websites are all very affordable templates as well. So don’t think you’ll have to spend the big bucks making a website that could earn you big bucks. Give us a call and let’s build a site together.


April 2018

WordPress Sites Capabilities

Wordpress is like many valuable things today that are shockingly cheap. It was published in 2003 and was made available for all to use. Wordpress is an open source website building module that provides a content management system (CMS).


WordPress CMS

WordPress CMS

A CMS is basically a simple way to say a tool that makes editing your content and managing it very simple. It has all back-end code built in to make creating a website extremely intuitive and accessible to everybody. The astounding success Wordpress has undergone since being developed nearly 15 years ago is remarkable.

It started off humble and small like most good things. It had fewer users than actors in the Breakfast Club. It is now easily the most used CMS platform to build beautiful websites and blogs. Almost 30% of all websites use Wordpress, that’s more than 60 million websites! That is a crazy number, but regarding only websites that have CMS platforms, it makes up 60% of them! Those statistics are a testament to the user-friendly capacity and beautiful layout of Wordpress.


Word Camp


After using Wordpress, you want to know what other users are creating and how. Well, thankfully there is something called WordCamp which is basically meetings that happen around the world. They are easy to find. It consists of people who use Wordpress and have personally developed techniques and strategies to maximize the potential latent in this open sourced system. What’s more is you can meet people in your area who are asking the same questions you have.

Connect with a whole community of web developers that surrounds this global website CMS tool. I wonder when creating this back in 2003 they had any vision of what it could look like almost 15 years down the line. So not only do you join the open sourced website building platform but also an open-sourced community building platform. You get to meet all the people in the same spot as you are. And learn what you can do with what you are already using.


WordPress Functionality

Wordpress is used most commonly for blogs and online shops. It is incredibly easy to manage. Upon creation, you are given a dashboard that has access to all parts of your website in one spot. You can easily update and manage your content, products, and themes from the dashboard.

There really is no limit to the capabilities of what you can do on Wordpress. There are countless reviews and people who have shared their experiences with Wordpress.

We here at eMagid, as a web development company are entirely capable of utilizing all Wordpress options and potential. We have done this for years and know it inside out. We trust the security of the site as having never had an issue with it before and there aren’t many cases of stolen data.

You can check out a number of the websites we have made on it already. The open-ended element works to our benefit because we also create our own websites. We know the front and back end of designing websites so we can edit any element of it and create anything you need.


April 2018

The Importance of Website Branding

When we hear the word website branding we generally think of a logo. But there is a lot more that goes into a brand than just the logo. Although the logo is very important, it's just not everything.


Branding is More Than a Logo


The logo is just the image that people will associate with the company. But in terms of the feeling people will get when remembering the company, it will be a combination of all the different pieces that give the company it's brand. So for instance when you see a person, he has a certain style of clothing. That's just piece of a person though. Then there is the way that person talks, and the way the person walks and thinks. All these different components of a person are the way we sum him up into his 'brand'.


Website Branding Needs Creativity


web branding creativity


Being creative in branding is absolutely essential because uniqueness will be how you are remembered as opposed to your competition. Distinguishing your brand from other companies that are doing the same thing as you may make the difference in the end. The amount of factors that goes into buying something stretches deep in the recesses of our mind. In any marketing done, there is an intense amount of psychology taken into account for this reason.


Often the decision of purchasing a product from a company may come down to pieces that a person may not even be able to articulate. How then can you try to take into account the parts that hover beneath the surface? I believe the answer comes down to the same factors that make us trust a person.


Web Branding Needs Consistency


consistency in web branding


The reason for this is trust. Consistency is an essential determining characteristic that makes us trust someone. Then from there to be able to commit to them in some way. This is because you can come to understand them and expect them to respond in certain ways. So all the pieces of a brand must be consistent with each other so people receive a clear message. A company wants there customers to understand what they are about. So if a sports company wants to be fierce, they must have a fierce logo, and a fierce font, and a fierce color scheme. All the different constituents that create the entire identity of the company must be clear and congruent.


Branding is Identity


Website branding is meant to highlight the vision of the company and their identity. Whatever lies to at the core of what a company was built for should be expressed through every avenue of expression possible. More than that all the parts that are being expressed should be conveying a similar message so customers can identify with your brand. Consistency gives people something they can understand and relate to.

webstie branding integrity


We all aim for this consistency in our own selves, it's integrity. This is because when the all various parts of ourselves our consistent they are all integrated. So we sense one clear and identity bursting forth from a person. And with that, there is a lot that draws people in. A company should function in the same manner. Integrity gives customers something they know they can count on. And often that's what they need to make a purchase.


March 2018

The Value of Web Design

Web design comes from the same recognition we all have when we see an actual store. We are more inclined in general to walk into a store that looks beautiful. We are most interested in interacting with a store that looks up to date and modern.

Regardless of a store even if you are selling antiques the store should look like it’s swept from time to time and that things are being cleaned and inventory updated. All of these things work in the same manner as they do online. The internet has pretty much given its users the ability to teleport to different locations throughout the globe instantaneously.


Web Design is Physical 


Often people will think of their digital spaces in a different framework than physical ones. What an interior designer does for a brick and mortar storefront, a website designer does for a digital storefront. Keeping customers engaged and responsive requires the same attention to cobwebs and trends as any physical place.

store front website

When people step onto the web they enter into a giant digital mall. Most of the basic rules of attraction that apply to attracting crowds of consumers to your store are the very same. When one thinks about web design in this manner it becomes clearer which steps to take in what order.


Custom Website


Like any store you want your audience to know what you are about. They want it to look clean and straightforward. It should be inviting and totally functional and effective. People will be drawn in by a clean web design, but if there isn’t good content they won’t stick around, let alone purchase anything.

Having old pages that are no longer relevant or don’t work properly will turn away people. Having old products that are outdated in an actual store will work the same way.


Web Design Company in New York


Being a web design company we see digital pages and almost physical locations. When you look at a site you are really there, that’s why we call people on the page visitors. They are coming into your space and checking it out.

This is also why screensavers are always pictures of a beautiful place, to merge those two experiences. To make you sensitive to digital location.


Website Developers


Attention to detail for web design is absolutely crucial. People respond well to things being congruent with one another for what every message it wants to bring. It’s what attracts all humans to beauty, the utter consistency that you sense.

This is why of course we can sense beauty in anything, if something manages to be totally aligned with its purpose it becomes beautiful.

beautiful web design

Websites are no exception. When a website lacks grace, or personality, or functionality, it won’t draw in the same crowd. At eMagid, we have been involved in web design for around 20 years and have paid close to attention to trends and behaviors of the individuals those trends extend to. We are very familiar with websites and how they should feel once you finish working on it.


March 2018

Website Design Cliff Young Project

Website Design for Cliff Young

Cliff Young LTD, a contemporary furniture company, almost 50 years old requested eMagid for a redesign of their website. They wanted to reinvent their online presence and explore digital outlets for marketing.

When we get a custom web development project there are a number of things we try to take into account while building it.

Web Design Factors

First, of course, we work together to mockup a design that appeals to our clients. In this case, we made a simple design with a minimalist layout to match the elegance of the furniture itself.

Now if there is anything to say about Cliff Young is that they don’t have anything represent them if it doesn’t look great. This makes a lot of sense considering they have an image to keep up.

Cliff Young wanted custom web development to express their unique brand.

Identify Web Design Niche Market Appeal

Second thing that must be accounted for is the niche market the website is trying to appeal to. Since Cliff Young LTD aims for an upper-class luxury market, everything about the site must be holistic in their approach to appeal to that crowd. So we check our website design to make all the various parts consistent with one another.

Web Design Balance

Third is a bit nuanced, because when redesigning a site that already exists there a blending process involved. You want to incorporate a lot of the old content and flow while adding new elements to it. Too much new and people would get confused, to much old and well, why hire a web development company at all?

A seamless blend of the introduction of a new model while maintaining certain brand integrity is the optimal product for a website redesign. Unless the original website was absolutely abhorrent, in which case it should look nothing like that.

WordPress Web Design

Our web design agency used WordPress to create the web design for their brand. Over their history, Cliff Young has updated their furniture to be modern in each era. They have however been consistent with a more minimalist design approach.

We wanted that to be understood and felt through their website. Our web design agency and Cliff Young communicated about the feel they were going for, and we delivered it to them.

For all the specific tools and apps used you can check out the website development page for Cliff Young.

May 2016
SEO & Marketing

e-Commerce Website Launch Checklists - Part 1: SEO Checklist

Creating and executing a website launch checklist is a key step in ensuring the success of your e-commerce website, whether you are introducing a re-design or a completely new website. Before going live with any project at eMagid, we perform a thorough QA process guided by our website launch checklists and recommend you do the same, regardless of website size.
You can divide your list into 3 categories:
1.     SEO 
2.     Design
3.     Functionality

Each category is crucial to your success in e-commerce. Today, in Part 1, we will start with SEO. Planning for SEO well in advance of your launch date will help you meet anticipated project timelines. Strategic decisions made to support SEO often impact website design and functionality and should ideally be considered while design and development are still in process.
Even if you don't plan on executing a full SEO campaign post-launch, you can help your website perform well in SERP rankings through an initial onsite optimization. This setup includes keyword selection, meta data (page titles and descriptions), h tags and alt text on images. Local businesses should also use micro formats to define their location and confirm their business with Google My Business.

You'll also want to run a check for existing issues like broken links, 310 errors, etc. Many SEO tools have free trials that you can use to crawl your website and find these problems. Popular tools include, SEOMoz, and Raven Tools.

Finally, when you are ready to go live, you can use A/B testing and post marketing tools to capture user behavior on your site which will help you understand and improve the site after you launch it. 

February 2016
Web Development

The challenges of launching a new website

Launching a new website for you small business or your startup can be very challenging , how do you know what's right, what looks good and what will make the most impact on your potential users?

Every process of designing and developing a new site requires some research , understanding your users will help you decide which content strategy to go with and visuals, user demographics analysis tools are widely available online, once you nailed the demographics, the immediate focus should then turn into creating a quality UI/UX that will have a direct impact on your website conversions, weather its an online e-commerce website or just a lead generation landing page, converting well is what makes or breaks the success of a website.

The last part and probably the most important step is the QA process, start by listing every page on the site and state the goals of that page i.e. content, form... test each page and make sure to do cross browsing tests as well, in today's world you will need to try a few other mobile devices as well and make sure your site is full responsive. Create an SEO checklist before going live, execute and you are ready... oh yeah, share with friends and family first, they will give you the most honest feedback in a friendly way... Good luck.